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Community Employment Services

Dedicated to Helping You Find and Maintain Community Employment!

Whatever your employment goals, The Arc Otsego's Community Employment Services offers a host ofservices and supports to get you working in the community and earning a paycheck.  Our trained and experienced staff will work with you to determine your interests, find the best possible job/employer match and provide the support you need to be successful in your chosen job. 

Specific services include:
Pathway to Employment
Supported Employment
Community Based Work Assessments
Transition Services

We also celebrate your vocational accomplishments and the contributions of area employers through a series of annual events and awards.

Pathway to Employment

Pathway to Employment is a year long, intensive program that is designed to provide support for individuals making the transition from school, or day habilitation or pre-vocational services, to compettive employment or self-employment. This person-centered service includes:

Career exploration and vocational discovery
Job readiness training
Job related discovery
Opportunity to learn and practice tasks necessary to obtain employment
Individualized and on-going job coaching
Travel training
Stress management
Vocational and/or situational observation and assessment
Community experiences
Education and counseling around benefits management and employment
Customized job development
Planning for self-employment

Supported Employment

Supported employment services help you find and maintain community employment.  Starting with job development, we can assist you with completing applications, developing a resume, registering at the CDO Workforce, preparing for an interview and developing effective soft skills. Once you are working at a job site, a job coach will offer customized support.  Additional support is available to help improve workplace behavior, work-related socialization skills, skills training, mobility training and employer and/or coworker training and support.  As an individual using supported employment services you receive a customized job match, on and off site supports to help maintain a successful placement and advocacy.  This service is funded through ACCES-VR.

Employers also benefit from supported employment through pre-placement screening, on site support and long term follow up and possible access to financial incentives.

Community Based Work Assessments

These ACCES-VR funded assessments help to identify the work setting that will best meet your needs and maximize your employment success.  You will have the opportunity to experience a variety of jobs and work environments while having your skills assessed in a non-paid work setting.  This process helps you to determine your employments goals and preferences, identifies any barriers to successful employment and helps to identify supports that may be needed for success. Assessment sites are located throughout Otsego County and include:

Holiday Inn
Sodexo@ Suny-Oneonta
Best Western
AO Fox Memorial Hospital
Bassett Medical Center
The Arc Otsego-Transportation

Transition Services      Exploration + Experience = Employment!

If you have students with disabilities who are excited about making the transition from school to work, we can help! The Arc Otsego's Community Employment Transitions Services Program is a comprehensive, customized service desgined to guide and support students as they begin the journey from school to employment and independence.

The Arc Otsego contracts with schools to provide customized services to guide and support individual students through the transition from school to employment and independence.  Using skill and interest assessments, job shadowing and career exploration, a Transition Specialist assists the student to begin the process of self exploration to identify preferences, interests, strengths, goals, barriers to employment and strategies to overcome those barriers. Services can begin as early as age 15 and continue until the students reaches 21. 

Students benefit from the individualized one-on-one services with a direct link to an established vocational service provider.  Plus, since services can begin at age 15 and continue until age 21, delay in services after graduation is minimized.

Schools benefit from the additional resource to help meet the requirements of Indicator 13 and 14 and participating in IEP meetings.

For more information about Transition Services at The Arc Otsego, check out our brochure and flyer below, or contact Erin Seeley, director of employment services, at or 607-433-8447, ext. 3110; or Jenn Kane, lead transition specialist, at or 607-433-8447, ext. 3115.

Download the Transition Services brochure

Download the Transition Services flyer

For More Information:

Erin Seeley, Coordinator Community Employment Services

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