Oneonta, NY (July 29, 2020) – The Arc Otsego is proud to present Golden Artist Colors as one of the statewide recipients of The Arc New York 2020 Employer Recognition Award. Golden Artist Colors, an employee owned company, produces paints used by artists worldwide. There are two individuals who have intellectual or other developmental disabilities currently employed. They have been employing individuals with disabilities from The Arc Otsego since 2000.


Golden Artist Colors believes, above all, human dignity is treasured and preserved. Goldens core values toward all their employees is to honor work-life balance, to pursue growth and learning, to act as stewards in all we care for, to lead and inspire creativity and innovation, and to build and engage community relationships. These values easily transcend to incorporating individuals with disabilities into their workforce. Their values and ideals make accepting those individuals with disabilities a part of everyday workplace culture.


One employee, who has a disability, has been employed at Golden since May of 2000. This individual has been a part of company growth, as they expanded to include new paint mediums and an international market. A second employee that we support with a disability retired from Golden after sixteen years of employment. Prior to her retirement, Golden was very supportive of this individual as her health began to decline. They went out of their way to make sure she had what she needed to remain employed for as long as she wanted to. Golden works in partnership with our employment specialists who support individuals with disabilities at their job. Employment specialists are included in staff training, so they can assist the individuals with disabilities with learning new skills. This gives an individual with a disability a way to feel and be perceived as one of the team, instead of different or isolated, which happens too often in their lives.


The Arc Otsego is grateful to have Golden Artist Colors as an employer of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. They embrace a person’s strengths, and see the individuals for their abilities, not their disability.

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