Community Diaper Project

What is the Community Diaper Program?

The Community Diaper Program provides high-quality Cuties-brand diapers to families in Otsego County at affordable prices. The program is operated by The Arc Otsego in conjunction with local agencies and organizations who have provided space to establish locations for families to purchase our diapers. Individuals served by the agency assist at the sales sites, providing them with prevocational skills in sales, customer service, cash handling, budgeting, inventory and ordering.

What types of diapers are available?

Jet Cares Baby Diapers offers 12-hour leak protection, comfortable, soft materials with stretch tabs, a flexible waistband, and a hypoallergenic inner layer with Vitamin E and aloe. Diapers are available in size Newborn to 6.

How do costs compare?

The estimated national average cost per diaper is around 33 cents each. However, some stores charge as much as 50 cents per diaper. Diapers through the Program average around 13 cents per diaper. Our price list follows.


Our Prices

Size Diapers per package Cost per package Cost per diaper
N 36 $3.75 $0.10
1 44 $4.68 $0.11
2 84 $8.75 $0.10
3 56 $6.56 $0.12
4 50 $6.56 $0.13
5 80 $13.12 $0.16
6 72 $13.12 $0.18


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