Quality Life Planning Services

At The Arc Otsego’s Quality Life Planning Division, our goal is to assist you to obtain the services, programs and supports that help you to fulfill your needs and achieve your dreams.  We are here to listen, answer your questions and find solutions.  If The Arc Otsego offers what you need, we will identify it.  If another organization has what you need, we will refer you.  If neither exists, we will create what you need.  We can assist with obtaining a Care Coordination Organization, obtaining respite services, skill training assistance, environmental modifications, adaptive technologies and guardianship. In addition, through self-directed services, we can assist you to build the supports and services that meet your unique needs and desires.


You Direct Self-Directed Services


You Direct is the name of The Arc Otsego’s Self-Directed Services program. Self-directed services are services and supports chosen by an individual or family to meet their particular needs. The individual chooses a mix of services that will work best for them including he particular service, the staff providing supports and the organization. The individual and/or family accepts responsibility for helping to manage their services. The Arc Otsego Brokerage and Fiscal Intermediary Services.


Community Services


Community Services are supports chosen by a person so that they may learn and keep skills needed to live safely and more independently, to meet people and maintain relationships, explore and take part in the community, and develop skills to meet individual outcomes. Supports can include skill development, support with activities, of daily living, community inclusion and relationship building, training and support for independence in travel, transportation, adult education supports, development of social skills, leisure skills, self-advocacy and informed choice skills.


Respite Services


Family members who care for a loved one with a developmental disability can sometimes need a break. Respite services provide temporary relief from the demands of care giving, which can help reduce overall family stress. This enables families to better meet the needs of their loved one with a developmental disability. Respite services may also support the family care giver if they have other emergent or developing needs to take care of.


Person Centered Supports and Plan Development


Person Centered Supports and Services are the result of using a person-centered planning approach to listen, discover and understand each person and their outcomes and desires. This process is directed by each person and their support network, and informs what supports are needed to help him or her live a rich, fulfilling life. The planning process supports each person by building on their strengths, abilities and interests, discovering their desired outcomes and determining the supports and services needed to achieve their outcomes.




Guardianship is a planning alternative to ensure continuity of care for a family member who has an intellectual or other developmental disability.  Guardianship is a legal proceeding in the Surrogate’s Court which designates a parent, relative, friend, or an organization such as The Arc New York ( our parent organization) to act on behalf of an individual who has an intellectual disability and is unable to manage personal affairs without assistance.  The Arc New York Corporate Guardianship program was established in 1970 and offers a permanent commitment to parents to ensure the continuity of care and protection for the entire life of their family member who has an intellectual disability.


To learn more about these services, please contact Director of Quality Life Planning, Sara Hanlon, at 607-433-8417 or hanlons@arcotsego.org