Residential Services

At The Arc Otsego we know how important a loving, caring, nurturing home environment is to a person’s well-being.


Our team of caring, compassionate home managers, program coordinators, RN’s, and direct support staff are committed to providing the highest standard of person-centered care and support. Your needs and dreams are at the center of everything we do.


Home Life Options for You


The Arc Otsego offers a variety of community-based living arrangements that are located throughout Otsego County and integrated into their local communities. These residences maximize independence in self-care and are tailored to the needs, desires, and abilities of those who live there. For those that would benefit from full, 24 hour a day support, a number of individualized residential alternatives, or IRA’s, are available. Support Apartment options are available for those that require less staff support. At all times, your happiness, safety, and health are our primary concerns. 


Regardless of which arrangement works best for you, living in an Arc Otsego residence means that you will live an active, full, daily life. Want to see a Broadway musical? Take cooking lessons? Go fishing? Celebrate important life events? You can do this and more! Most importantly, we actively encourage and support connections with family and friends, and we strive to strengthen the natural supports that exist in the community. And of course, at the end of a busy day of work, school, and fun, you are welcomed home!


Getting Started


Getting stared is easy! All inquired being by contacting the Director of Quality Life Planning to schedule a meeting – the first step in the intake process. Based on that meeting, the Quality Life Planning Director will make referrals to the Assistant Residential Director who in turn will arrange for an interview and tour of the residences, neighborhood, and surrounding community. 


Quality Life Planning Director
Patricia Web
607-433-8460 ext. 4188